Gangs of Yorks collectible non-fungible token (NFT) characters now available to mint

Snacksonville, Feb. 7, 2022 – Today, boutique digital studio The Red Building Group (TRBG) is excited to announce the release of its first collection of blockchain-based digital characters in a series entitled, Gangs of Yorks.

Inspired by the antics of Yorkshire Terriers and fictional law and disorder, characters within the world of Gangs of Yorks are now available for collectors to mint, own, trade and sell. Each character has an assigned set of characteristics stored in metadata called Yapbilities, representing size, speed, power and more.

Minting is the process by which a person sends a transaction to a smart contract stored on a blockchain – in this case the Ethereum network – which records the person’s ownership of an item, which is a non-fungible token (NFT) bound to the unique character within the world of Gangs of Yorks. Interested parties may mint and view their characters through the app linked on, and trading and selling can take place on third party NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

“With this project, we aim to amplify crypto learning through levity and entertainment,” said JP, creator of the series. “And instead of going mutts all at once, we’re going to build out the world and lore sustainably over time with a focus on the experience for our project pawticipants.”

The first collection of characters in this world has a moniker – the Ruffulini family. This family is based in a town called Blep City, and in the world of Gangs of Yorks, the Ruffulini’s are known for their control of the so-called treat trade.

“You can expect a lot of bad dog puns,” JP said.

No more than 10,000 Ruffulini family members will be minted in this first collection, which features a wide assortment of unique styles and personalities representing varying degrees of rarity. Three additional series with their own unique sets of art are planned, with more details of future project phases to be announced at a later date.

Meanwhile, five percent of net proceeds from first family sales will be donated to small dog rescue organizations in the United States, with selection of 501(c)(3) charities to take place by close of 2023.

Prospective family members can learn more about the project on, subscribe to the newsletter to learn about promotions, mint and view characters on its companion application, or follow project announcements and helpful tips @gangsofyorks on Twitter.


This story was updated in February 2023 to reflect an updated date on the charity announcement.

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